Efe Duyan, curator

efe duyan

Efe Duyan (b. 1981, İstanbul, Turkey)
Poet, architect.
Efe has been invited to several workshops, poetry readings and international organizations including Kopenhagen Turkish Poetry Evening, Word-Express Project (series of poetry readings in Balcan countries (2009-2011), Edinburgh Book Festival, London Book Fair, Berlin Poetry Festival, Lodeve Poetry Festival, Riga Poetry Days, Malta İnizjamed Poetry Festival, Transylvania Poetry Poetry Festival, Palabra En El Mundo in Venice, Sophia Poetics Festival, Chisinau Poetry Festival, Enemies Project & European Poetry Night in Britain, Shaar Poetry Festival in Israel and Sidi Bou Said Poetry Festival in Tunisia. His poems have been translated into Bosnian, Czech, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, English, Estonian, French, Greek, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Rumanian, Macedonian, Maltese, Occitan, Slovenian, Ukrainian and Welsh. His translation of poetry include collections by Radu Vancu (Romania), Matthias Göritz (Germany) and Llyod Schwartz (USA). He has worked on the editorial boards of such literary magazines as Nikbinlik (2000-2005) and Sanat Cephesi (2006-2010). He has co-organized poetry translation workshops with British, French, Italian, Israeli, Bulgarian, German, and Swedish poets. He is currently a member of the editorial board of the acclaimed literary magazine Offline Istanbul. His critical essay “The Construction of Characters in Nâzım Hikmet’s Poetry” was published in 2008. He edited the contemporary poetry anthology “Bir Benden Bir O’ndan” (2010). His poetry collections include “Sıkça Sorulan Sorular” (“Frequently Asked Questions,” 2016), “Tek Şiirlik Aşklar” (“One Poem Stands,” 2012) and “Takas” (“Swap,” 2006). In addition to his pursuits in poetry, he teaches the history of architecture at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.

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Kadir Aydemir

Kadir Aydemir; was born 13th September 1977 in İstanbul. After graduating Fenerbahçe High School, he studied business management and public relations at university for a while. His early poems were published in “Şiir-Oku” (Read- poem) magazine. His poems and writings have been seen in various magazines. He published 11 issues of the periodical “Başka” (The Other) poem magazine betweeen 1997 and 2003. He has been the editor of the website www.yitikulke.com that he founded since 2000. The book named “Gölü Emen Mektup” (The Letter That Absorbed The Lake) was published in Azerbaijani language in Azerbaijan. “Aşksız Gölgeler” (Lieblose Schatten), short stories, was published in German language in Germany, 2103. His poems were translated into languages such as English, French, Armenian, Azerbaijani language, Bulgarian language, Japanese, Russian. He also writes stories and proses. He admires Yannis Ritsos. He published his first haiku poem magazine called Haikum (My Haiku). Mr. Aydemir is also the founder and the editor of Yitik Ülke Yayınları (Lost Land Publications). He is a member of PEN International.

Sessizliğin Bekçisi (The Watcher of the Silence) (Haikus, 2002, Hera Poem Library)
Dikenler Sarayı (The Palace of Stings) (2003-2012, Lost Land Publications)
Aşksız Gölgeler (The Shadows Without Love) (Stories, Lost Land Publications)
Rüzgarla Saklı (Hidden by Wind) (Love Poems, 2007, Lost Land Publications)
Sonsuz Unutuş (Eternal Forgetting) (Short stories, 2012, Lost Land Publications)
Soğuk Yazgı (Cold Destiny) (Poems and Haiku’s, 2014, Lost Land Publications)
Ay Yağmurları (Moon Rains) (Short story, 2016, Lost Land Publications)

Books published abroad:
Gölü Emen Mektup (The Letter That Absorbed The Lake) (2005, Azerbaycan, Paralel Şiir Kitaplığı) (2005, Azerbaijan, Parallel Poem Library)
Aşksız Gölgeler (Lieblose Schatten) (2013, Germany, Binooki Verlag)

The selective stories he prepared:
Cunda Öyküleri (Cunda Stories) (Eylül 2006, Yitik Ülke Yayınları) (September 2006, Lost Land Publications)
Ekşi Öyküler (Sour Stories) (Mayıs 2007, Yitik Ülke Yayınları) (May 2007, Lost Land Publications)
Bozcaada Öyküleri (Tenedos Stories) (2009, Lost Land Publications)
Olimpos Öyküleri (Olympos Stories) (2010, Lost Land Publications)
80’lerde Çocuk Olmak (Being Child in 80’s) (2010, Lost Land Publications)
90’lar Kitabı (Book of 90’s) (2012, Lost Land Publications)
Tuhaf Alışkanlıklar Kitabı (Book of Weird Habits) (2012, Lost Land Publications)
Mutsuz Aşk Vardır (Unhappy Love Stories) (2014, Lost Land Publications)
Yitik Öykü (Lost Stories) (2014, Lost Land Publications)
Kedi Öyküleri (Cat Stories) (2017, Lost Land Publications)


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Nia Davies

Nia Davies (b. 1984, Sheffield, UK)
Poet, editor and collaborator based in Wales.
Her pamphlets, Then Spree (Salt, 2012),  Çekoslovakyalılaştıramadıklarımızdanmısınız or Long Words (Boiled String, 2016) and England (Crater, 2017), were followed by the collection, All fours (Bloodaxe, 2017). She has edited the international magazine Poetry Wales since 2014. A frequent collaborator with poets and artists, she co-curated Gelynion – a Welsh Enemies project on collaboration – and is currently working with Kannada poet Mamta Sagar on a project ‘Interversions’. She has worked on several transcultural projects and is currently undertaking practice-based research into poetry and performance at the University of Salford.

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Gökçenur Ç.

Gökçenur Ç.Gökçenur Ç. (b. 1971, Istanbul; lives in Istanbul)
He has seven poetry books.
He has translated selected poetry books of Wallace Stevens, Paul Auster, Ursula K. Leguin and many contemporary poets. He has participated and/or organized poetry translation workshops and festivals in many countries. His poems are translated into 25 languages, published in magazines and anthologies. His selected poetry is published in Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. In the Lettres Capitales Project of Eurepean Capital of Culture Marseille2012, his book in handwriting in French and Turkish has been prepared and published as a single exhibition copy. He is the prime mover and co-director of Word Express (www.word-express.org). He is the editor of the Turkish literature magazine Çevrimdışı İstanbul (Offline İstanbul). He is member of the editorial board of macedonian based international literary magazine Blesok.


Miroslav Kirin

Miroslav Kirin (b.1965 in Sisak, Croatia; lives in Zagreb)
He is the author of eight volumes of poetry: Od nje do vječnosti [From Her to Eternity], 1989, which won the prestigious Goran Prize for poetry; Tantalon [Tantalon], 1998; Zukva [Zukva], 2004; Poslije renesanse [After the Renaissance], 2004; Jalozi [Jalozi], 2006, Zbiljka [Zbiljka], 2009, Zenzancije [Zensations], 2013, and Hipernovalis [Hipernovalis], 2015. He also published an autofictional novel Album, for which he was awarded the Jutarnji List Prize for the best fiction in Croatia in 2001. The book The Excavated (2012), a collection of essays on/with the found photographs corresponds with his first prose book Album, which focuses on the family photographs lost in the 1991-95 war in Croatia. Kirin is also the main protagonist and the co-author of the screenplay for the art documentary Album (2011), directed by Branko Ištvančić. His poetry and fiction have been translated into Chinese, English, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Spanish and Russian. His work is represented in national and international anthologies of contemporary poetry. He is the member of the Croatian Writers’ Society (HDP) and the Croatian PEN center. He also translates poetry and fiction from English. Among other,Miroslav Kirin translated the works of Anne Carson and Paul Auster into Croatian.

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Tal Nitzan

Tal NitzánTal Nitzán (b. 1960, Jaffa, Israel)
Poet, editor, translator
She is an award winning poet, writer, editor and a major translator of Hispanic literature. Author of six poetry books, a novel and four children’s book, and editor of three poetry anthologies. She has resided in Buenos Aires, Bogotá and New York. Currently lives in Tel Aviv. Her poems have been translated to more than 20 languages, and appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. Twelve collections of her work were published in Lithuanian (2009), in Italian (2010, 2013), in French (2011, 2016), in Spanish (2012, 2013), in Portuguese (2013), in English (2014) and in German (2015). Robert Pinsky: “Tal Nitzán’s poetry thrills me with its double nature, at once passionate and sardonic. It’s a pleasure to read a book of translations that have formal grace in English. It’s the formal grace that enables a dual voice, compassionate and harsh, capable of being topical and inward, heartfelt and ironic.” Nitzán has edited the ground-breaking anthology ‘With an Iron pen’: Hebrew Protest Poetry 1984-2004 (2005), (English version published by SUNY Press, USA, 2009; French version by Al-Manar, 2013). Her debut novel, “Each and every Child”, was published in 2015.


Gonca Özmen

Gonca Özmen (b. 1982, Burdur, Turkey)
She graduated in English Language and Literature, Department of Istanbul University in 2004. She received her M. A. degree by her thesis, “The Poet’s Descent into the Underworld in Nineteenth Century English Poetry” in 2008 and, in 2016, completed her Ph. D. with the thesis entitled “A Revision in Ekphrastic Poetry of Cubist Male Painters’ Representation of the Female Body.” After receiving some early awards, her first poetry book Kuytumda (In My Nook) was published in 2000. This book was awarded with Orhan Murat Arıburnu Poetry Prize. She won Berna Moran Poetry Prize which is given by Istanbul University in 2003. She was also rewarded by one of her essays on a Turkish poet, Edip Cansever in 2005 Homeros Criticism Prizes. Her second book Belki Sessiz (Maybe Quiet) was published in February 2008. She was one of the editors of literary translation magazine called Ç.N. (Çevirmenin Notu) and another literary magazine called PulBiber with her friends. She is one of the editors of the magazine Çevrimdışı Istanbul. She is one of the members of the advisory board of Bursa Nilüfer International Poetry Festival and the magazine, Turkish Poetry Today, which is published annually by Red Hand Books, in England. Member in the Three Seas Writers’ and Translators’ Council (TSWTC) based in Rhodes, Greece. Apart from Turkey, she participated in the international poetry readings in Heidelberg, Hamburg, Berlin, Paris and Slovenia. Her poems are translated into Spanish, French, English, German, Slovenian and Persian. The Sea Within (Selected Poems, translated by George Messo) is published by Shearsman Books in February 2011.

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Josep M. Rodriguez

Josep M. Rodríguez (b. 1976 in Súria, Barcelona)
He has written an essay about Japanese poetry in western literature, Hana o la flor del cerezo (2007), and six books of poems: Las deudas del viajero (1998), Frío (2002), La caja negra (2004), Raíz (2008), Arquitectura yo (2012) and Sangre seca (2017). The anthology Ecosistema compiled these poetry collections after 2015. His work, which is featured in the most important anthologies of contemporary Spanish poetry, both inside and outside his country, has been translated into many languages (in 2017 he has been published Radar: a bilingual anthology, Spanish-English) and has received a several awards, including the Generation of ’27 International Prize. Additionally, he has published some short histories, the critical anthologies Yo es otro (2001) and Alfileres (2004), and he translated Kobayashi Issa, Poemas de madurez (2008). Recently, the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid has organized a conference on his poetry, and the magazine Fragmenta has published a monograph on his poetic work.
“Arquitectura Yo is one of those very few books that will become a hallmark in every poetic generation.”
José Andújar Almansa, Ínsula (2013).
The poetry of Josep M. Rodríguez hurts with its latent light and cuts with its powerful quietness.
Nikola Madzirov

Radar establishes why the poetry of Josep M. Rodríguez leaves a permanent mark of excellence on the lyric of today.
Judith Nantell (University of Arizona)

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Selahattin Yolgiden

Selahattin YolgidenSelahattin Yolgiden (b. 1977, İstanbul, Turkey)
He started publishing his poems since 2000.
His books are:
Su Kıyısında Kimse Yoktu – 2004 Adam Yayınları Winner of the Cemal Süreya Poetry Award in 2004 Gün Geceye Küstüğünde – 2007 – İkibinaltı Yayınları Winner of the M. Sunullah Arısoy Poetry Award in 2007 Unuttuğum Limanlar – 2009 Sel Yayıncılık Lacivert Bir Oyundu İkimiz Arasında – 2011 – Kırmızı Kedi Yayınları Winner of the Arif Damar Poetry Award in 2011 Eve Geç Kaldım Yalnızlık Bekler – 2013 – Kırmızı Kedi Yayınları Winner of the Behçet Aysan Poetry Award in 2014 Gittiğim En Uzak Yer Sizdiniz – 2015 – Kırmızı Kedi Yayınları Herkes Ayrıldı Kendinden – 2017 – Kırmızı Kedi Yayınları He is still living in İstanbul with his cats.

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